Evangemom: A Tribute to Mothers

May 11, 2012 | Angelo Grasso

It was a spring morning like any other for my wife, Kathy and then two-year old son Eliah: playtime at the local park. Our son was enjoying himself in the sandbox, when another little boy showed up with his mom. As the boys got busy playing, the moms exchanged small talk. Kathy immediately noticed the jogging stroller and running clothes. “Are you a runner?” she asked. “I’m trying!” replied the mom. They soon found themselves talking for quite some time about their running experiences, until before they knew it lunchtime had come and gone.

“My name is Kathy by the way.”

“I’m Adi. Nice to meet you!”

“We should run together some time.”

“That’d be great!”

Numbers were exchanged, and an appointment was made for a morning run later that week.

As spring turned into summer, Kathy and Adi’s morning run turned into a weekly engagement. Before long they were training for races together. As the miles passed under their feet they talked about life, family and God. Kathy would …
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