God Bless Africa

God Bless Africa!

July 5, 2013 | Bill Ross

Mungu ibariki Afrika!

[God Bless Africa!]

Here at Kibidula Farm in Tanzania, we were very happy to receive a container of Bible studies from Light Bearers in October of last year. Since then, we have been working hard to distribute them to the people. The Word of God is going out all over the country, from Arusha in the north to Mbeya in the south; from Dar es Salaam in the east, to Sumbawanga in the west. We are daily receiving phone calls from pastors, laymen, and missionaries requesting boxes. It is exciting! These Bible studies are truly a wonderful ministry. Just last week one of our leading evangelists told me how happy people are to know that these studies are available in Tanzania. Their influence is far reaching. In fact, there are several students attending our school of evangelism this semester who cite that their first contact with our precious message was through Light Bearers Bible studies. God is good! Seed is being sown!


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