A Crippled Arm, Doubts, and Something Better - Bryant Rodriguez

A Crippled Arm, Doubts and Something Better

May 8, 2012 | Bryant Rodriguez

His right arm struck his right thigh whenever he made a good point. As Matt Parra preached on Acts 17, biblical balance, and the logical fallacies of traditional definitions of balance, one thought streamed through my mind:

I’m supposed to be here. I know I am. God called me here.

For some time I had wanted to attend  ARISE  and learn from David and Matt, the Rosario brothers and all the great teachers that grace the whiteboard. But then, when I realized it was going to happen, and that the calendar date for the  Cornerstone Program would soon be upon me, all I could do was question my motives.

“Why do I want to go?”

Did I want to flatter myself by being among men of God and showcase my talents? Was I merely following the footsteps of my best friend, a subconscious mimicry? Did I expect a fix-all-my-problems-and-spit-me-out-as-Mark-Finley treatment? Doubts, questions, and fears hung above me as I packed my suitcase, as Delta Airlines brought me to Eugene, and even as the …
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