Why it Matters

February 29, 2012 | Cindy Tutsch

Several of my young adult friends have messaged me recently with comments like, “I consider myself a Creationist because I believe that God created the earth. Why does it matter if He created it in seven literal contiguous 24-hour periods, or over millions of years? Either way, He created.”

It’s a good question, and deserves a thoughtful answer.

1. The character of God

My first point has to do with the character of the God we worship. Sometime ago, someone dear to me said she thought “severe” and” stern” were characteristics of God. I said to her, “I could never worship such a God. My God, though combining the attributes of justice and mercy, is never severe and stern.” And I could have added, “is never cruel.” What kind of a god would create through means of predation over millions of years? Surely not the God who notes the falling of a sparrow!

Romans 5:12 says that death entered our world through sin. The entrance of sin into Planet Earth is …
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