I Can See With New Eyes

July 4, 2014 | Elaine Thompson

There I was two years ago, praying, “God I want to know truth. Can you please reveal Yourself to me? I don’t want to learn culture or traditions. I just want to know YOU.” So starting with the Bible, I set out to challenge the beliefs, culture and traditions I have been schooled in as an Adventist. And what an amazing and refreshing journey it has turned out to be! When you take everything off the table and start over from the Bible, it creates a depth of understanding regarding why you believe what you believe.

One thing that really emerged and has become a huge passion for me over these two years is creating a thirst in the minds and hearts of people, especially children, to seek after God. I have three cousins between the ages of four and eight years old. The more I watch them grow, the more I want them to be attracted to the character of Jesus instead of to Barbie, Sonic, Spiderman and Princesses. …
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