How Thanksgiving Can Change the World

November 22, 2012 | Justin Kim

At the core of the Old Testament is what theologians call the biblical covenant. In other words, it’s a relationship, fellowship time, or… chill-time, or hanging out. It’s in the foundation of every sanctuary offering, every patriarch’s command, and every prophetic utterance. In turn, the core of the New Testament is the fulfillment of this covenant, found in the ultimate divine-human form of fellowship: the incarnation of Jesus Christ—God who became human to “dwell” with us.

Whether in a small or monumental way, the gift of fellowship is one of the most manifested representations of the Gospel message: the ability to fellowship between strangers. This is not a normal friendship between two good old friends. Rather, it is an expression that strangers, two individuals whose relationship had never existed or has been broken, can be united.

One of the most interesting ways bonds between strangers can be created is through the medium of food. Combined with warm fellowship, food turns into the virtue of hospitality. Ironically, it was also through …
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