Kim Davis, gay marriage, and liberty of conscience

Freedom of Conscience Threatened

September 25, 2015 | Nathan Egbert

Written by Nathan Egbert 9/5/15 in response to current news events.

In the arena of social contention, two topics reign supreme: religion and politics. While subject matters do change over time, fodder for controversy is never lacking. When we turn on the evening news, we are greeted with, “Good evening,” and then immediately shown why it isn’t. An item of concern in the news is hardly news itself.

Christ has shown us what is soon to be, and He desires us to watch for what He has revealed. Those that view news through a prophetic lens are often aware of spiritual significance found in current events. God gives us insight into hidden dynamics behind the scenes that show the great controversy between Christ and Satan—a conflict that manifests itself in the thinking and actions of mankind. His people have recognized this controversy in current events for millennia. So when we read about a county clerk who is in trouble for refusing to endorse gay marriage licenses, should we be concerned?

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