The Golden Tracts

The Golden Tracts

September 4, 2015 | Wendy Harris

The calls started coming in as fast as I could keep up.

“I heard about your Bible study guides, I’m a district pastor in Mindoro, I have 13 churches with small groups in each. May I have four boxes? I’ll be there tomorrow.”

“I’m from South Central Luzon Conference, may we have 26 boxes for our district?”

“I’m from 1000 missionary movement, we have ongoing Bible studies throughout the community and the world, how many can we have?”

“We have a feeding program and outreach ministry at the market every week with Bible interests, can we have some of your Bible study guides?”

They are so overjoyed that these Bible guides are free . . .

Ever since we received the container of literature from Light Bearers ministry a couple months ago, we continue to get regular calls and traffic at our door to pick up the “golden” tracts of sharing materials. Not only are local dialect Tagalog materials hard to come by, but the pastors and ministry leaders cannot afford them even when …
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