Righteousness by faith is the center piece of the gospel, from which every biblical doctrine derives its significance. Jesus Himself—in His life, death and resurrection—is the embodiment of righteousness by faith and thus He bears the name, “the Lord our Righteousness.” This is the truth that ignited the passionate and liberating fires of the Protestant Reformation, in the absence of which long Dark Ages trudged by. And this is the one subject that will swallow up all others with its power and glory in the final events of human history.

01—One Subject Will Prevail – Ty Gibson
02—The Righteousness of God – David Asscherick
03—The Second Adam – James Rafferty
04—Cain and Abel – Jeffrey Rosario
05—Babel – Ty Gibson
06—Abraham – David Asscherick
07—Isaac and Ishmael – James Rafferty
08—Jacob and Esau – David Asscherick
09—Sinai – James Rafferty
10—The Sabbath – Jeffrey Rosario
11—The New Covenant – Ty Gibson
12—Historical Ramifications – Jeffrey Rosario
13—Prophetic Ramifications – James Rafferty
14—Psychological Ramifications – Ty Gibson
15—Missiological Ramifications – David Asscherick
16—Faith That Works – Ty Gibson
17—The Faith of Jesus – David Asscherick
18—No Creature Merit – James Rafferty
19—The Final Message – Jeffrey Rosario