The heart’s desire for intimacy, for closeness and belonging, is a common thread within all humanity. We don’t have to look far to see how at times the paths we take to attain intimacy and connection are misguided at best and often leave us hungry still. This four-part series explores how the seeming roadblocks to intimacy can be approached and dealt with in a way that will actually lead us closer to our desired destination. The practical, biblical insights are meant to enhance your relationships with others and with God.


Let Down
Let Down is for all who have tasted the bitterness of disappointment. A practical formula is offered for how to deal with the people and situations that have let you down.

Drinking From the Same Cup
Personal pain and suffering often shuts us down. Drinking From the Same Cup gives a perspective of suffering that will bring a ray of light in your darkest times.

On Empty
On Empty
offers a solution of how to deal with the inner hunger. How can we fill the tank?

More Than A Feeling
More Than a Feeling approaches our concept of love and being in love. What is it’s true equation?