Just as a rainbow cannot be formed without the combination of rain and sun, so mankind’s redemption is incomplete without the combination of mercy and justice. The mercy of God, the sunshine of His love, unites with the clouds of His justice to reveal to fallen human beings a bow of promise. The mercy of God brought Jesus Christ to this world, His justice brought Him to Calvary.

The incarnation of Jesus Christ reveals a love and mercy at which Satan stands amazed, holy angels stand in awe, and this world of sin and suffering stands in need.  It is a love which reveals that God not only sent His only Son to save the lost, but that the Father was in Christ and suffered with Christ.

Calvary so reveals the justice of a loving Father that His only begotten Son trembled at the cost.  Yet the thought of the utter hopelessness of our entire race, the consciousness that without this great sacrifice mankind would be forever lost, sealed His decision to suffer in our place the justice of transgression.

In Jesus Christ the bright beams of a loving God meet together the clouds of His justice and form for all mankind the rainbow of redemption.