The male-female relationship was birthed into existence from the womb of divine love. The man and the woman, in love with one another, constituted the image of God. Only as we rediscover male-female love in the immediate context of the love that is modeled for us within the sacred intimacy of the Trinity will we become psychologically, emotionally, and biologically capable of really experiencing the joyous ecstasy of matrimonial love as God designed it to be.

Join Ty Gibson in this 5 part seminar that explores questions such as, “Where does love come from?”, “Why are men and women different?’, and “What is marriage?”. You will also learn the 6 secrets for developing intimacy in a marriage relationship as well as the gateway to intimacy.

Whether you are dating to find the “right one”, newly married, or a seasoned veteran of marriage, Relationship and Biblical Sexuality is sure to help build a sturdy foundation for the future or enhance the marriage you already have.