The book of Hebrews is a masterpiece of Christian apologetics. Each chapter uncovers a personal God who invites us into an intimate relationship with Him. In the pages of this unique New Testament book we encounter a loving Creator who has entered into the experience of the human race, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

The book of Hebrews is bursting with good news, which is exactly the point. Join us as we explore this book and find Something Better.

Set of 5 DVD’s or 21 CD’s containing the following messages:

01—Sanctuary Literacy (All Speakers)
02—Hebrews at a Glance (All Speakers)
03—A Better God (James Rafferty)
04—A Better Man (Jeffrey Rosario)
05—A Better House (Fred Bischoff)
06—A Better Confidence (Matt Parra)
07—A Better Rest (David Asscherick)
08—A Better Obedience (Matt Parra)
09—A Better Work (David Asscherick)
10—A Better Promise (Ty Gibson)
11—A Better Priest (James Rafferty)
12—A Better Covenant (Jeffrey Rosario)
13—A Better Sanctuary (Jeffrey Rosario)
14—A Better Sacrifice (Matt Parra)
15—A Better Way (David Asscherick)
16—A Better Faith (Fred Bischoff)
17—A Better Victory (Ty Gibson)
18—A Better Mountain (Matt Parra)
19—A Better Kingdom (Ty Gibson)
20—A Better Love (James Rafferty)
21—Whirlwind Summary of Hebrews (David Asscherick)