The book of Revelation has been described as the most difficult book of the Bible to understand. It has also been described as the revelation of Jesus Christ. James Rafferty says, “We need to recognize that this book isn’t about beasts and dragons. It’s about Jesus. It’s all about the Lamb.” The 7 Trumpets deals with one of the most challenging sections in scripture, which is indeed the largest section of the book of Revelation, covering chapters 8-11. Join James Rafferty as he outlines the principles of understanding and interpreting the book of Revelation and specifically tackles The 7 Trumpets.

01 – The Altar and the Incense
02 – Fire
03 – The 1st Trumpet
04 – The 2nd Trumpet
05 – The 3rd and 4th Trumpets
06 – The 5th Trumpet
07 – The 6th Trumpet
08 – The 7 Thunders
09 –  Measured
10 – Finished