Five on-fire preachers. Four days. One passionate purpose—to teach their way through the gospel of John chapter by chapter. What emerged was a creative picture of Jesus that held hundreds of eager Bible students captivated by the unparalleled beauty of God’s character. We Would See Jesus is an unforgettable and transformative journey into the incarnation, life, teachings, death and resurrection of Christ as the radiant revelation of the Father.


John 01—Ty Gibson, James Rafferty, David Asscherick, Jeffrey Rosario & Nathan Renner
John 02—Jeffrey Rosario
John 03—Ty Gibson
John 04—David Asscherick
John 05—Nathan Renner
John 06—James Rafferty
John 07—Nathan Renner
John 08—David Asscherick
John 09—Ty Gibson
John 10—James Rafferty
John 11—Jeffrey Rosario
John 12—James Rafferty
John 13—Nathan Renner
John 14—Jeffrey Rosario
John 15—David Asscherick
John 16—Jeffrey Rosario
John 17—Ty Gibson
John 18—Jeffrey Rosario
John 19—Nathan Renner
John 20—James Rafferty
John 21—David Asscherick