God and Mark

March 5, 2011 | David Asscherick

Recently, I met Mark. Mark was scared. Mark had spent the last week cutting people’s limbs off.

I’m not kidding.

February 22nd saw Christchurch, New Zealand rocked by a deadly earthquake. At present nearly 200 have lost their lives. Hundreds more have been injured, many of them dreadfully so. This is where Mark comes in. Mark is a doctor, a surgeon. When I spoke to him he looked like a man who’d been through hell. Not “hell and back”, mind you. After all, he had to go back to work the next morning.

I would imagine that it’s a very difficult thing to cut someone’s leg or arm off.

Mark and his wife moved to New Zealand five years ago. They thought it was paradise. And it almost is. Until suddenly it’s not. Now, like most of the 400,000 people in this ironically-named secular city, they are confused, scared, and scarred. They want what we all want: a good life in a safe place with those they love. They used …
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