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Andy And Karla

This Is Ministry: Andy and Karla’s Story

November 30, 2012 | Light Bearers

No one is answering. Andy Hausted and Karla Martinez stand before a door refusing to open up. As Andy looks around, he notices two people in the backyard sitting on couches in a sort of outside porch area. The current ARISE Cornerstone track is making itself known for their energy and passion. Perhaps a shyer pair would have turned around and left, but Andy and Karla decided to approach the senior couple and ask.

Emma, the wife, is watching television and Bud, her husband, is simply relaxing enjoying the beautiful and precious Oregon sun in October. It’s an interesting setting. With a tree in the middle of their house, and couches outside creating a sort of outdoor living room. Introductions are made and Andy and Karla are invited to take a seat.

“In your opinion, is there a God?” Andy launches into the survey after the preliminaries.

“Yes, I believe in God,” Bud hesitates, pauses for a moment, then finishes, “but my experience with Him was not positive.” Andy and Karla ask …
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Light Bearers

a publishing, training and evangelism ministry.

How Thanksgiving Can Change the World

November 22, 2012 | Justin Kim

At the core of the Old Testament is what theologians call the biblical covenant. In other words, it’s a relationship, fellowship time, or… chill-time, or hanging out. It’s in the foundation of every sanctuary offering, every patriarch’s command, and every prophetic utterance. In turn, the core of the New Testament is the fulfillment of this covenant, found in the ultimate divine-human form of fellowship: the incarnation of Jesus Christ—God who became human to “dwell” with us.

Whether in a small or monumental way, the gift of fellowship is one of the most manifested representations of the Gospel message: the ability to fellowship between strangers. This is not a normal friendship between two good old friends. Rather, it is an expression that strangers, two individuals whose relationship had never existed or has been broken, can be united.

One of the most interesting ways bonds between strangers can be created is through the medium of food. Combined with warm fellowship, food turns into the virtue of hospitality. Ironically, it was also through …
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Justin Kim

Center for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students (CAMPUS)

Dirty Teddy & Me

Dirty Teddy and Me

November 13, 2012 | Dustin Hall

I ascended the dark stairway at my childhood home to retrieve a toy I knew was in the upstairs closet for one of my children. As the creak of the steps sounded beneath my weight, memories from my childhood came rushing back. I reached the summit of the staircase and surveyed the room. To my shock in the far corner there was a person sitting there I was not expecting to see.

Dirty Teddy.

With a blank stare he looked at me, right through me, and somehow not at me all at the same time. He was a rougher looking character than I remembered. His hair matted and filthy, his arms bore the scars of a hard life. I took a step closer and noticed he looked worse up close. His nose had a nick out of the bottom side. There were patches where it looked as if his insides would spill out at any moment. If he had not been placed carefully, one of his eyes would droop and …
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Dustin Hall

New York Conference

Dear Light Bearers Guys…

November 1, 2012 | Nick Hausted

As many of you know, we have a group of ARISE graduates that are part of a yearlong internship program. They are actively engaged in frontline ministry. They are serving in local churches, giving Bible studies in the community, conducting training for the laity, organizing small groups, visiting backsliders, integrating into the overall life of local churches, and targeting the University of Oregon with outreach ministries. Last week one of our interns sent a heartfelt letter to the staff that was a source of encouragement. We’d like to share it with you, to spread our praises to God for what He is doing in the lives of the people around us.

Dear Light Bearers guys,

Since the first time I heard about the Cornerstone program, I knew I needed to experience it, and I also knew I would love it. Once I got past the financial doubts and sorted out the uncertainties about my future, I knew my impression to attend ARISE was of …
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Nick Hausted