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Introducing Table Talk

Introducing Table Talk

July 12, 2013 | Ty Gibson

Four guys at a table.

A list of provocative and sublime topics.

All they’re told in advance is, “Bring your Bible and your brain.”

No rules.

No script.

Just straight from the heart, conversation about the things that matter most.

The Concept

During the Reformation Martin Luther held informal conversations with friends. They would get together and banter back and forth about theology and the practical matters of life. These discussions came to be known as “table talk.” This was one of the ways Luther modeled for us “the priesthood of all believers,” the idea that all the followers of Jesus are mediators and ministers of the gospel as opposed to the papal notion that the “clergy” alone are called by God to handle His word and deliver it to the “laity.”

Here at Light Bearers, Jeffrey Rosario, James Rafferty, David Asscherick and myself often engage in casual blab sessions regarding biblical topics. As with Luther and his friends long ago, we have experienced the blessing and benefit of talking …
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Ty Gibson

Light Bearers

What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the Meaning of Life?

July 11, 2013 | David Asscherick

A consequential question, to be sure. But, first, another: what is meaning?

What does meaning mean?

Who’s to say what the answer is to either of these queries? Or, for that matter, to any query of consequence? Who decides what meaning means and what life’s meaning ought to be? There cannot be many answers: either it is me, individually, us, corporately, or God, transcendently.

For many and diverse reasons which lay outside of the scope of this particular essay, I am roundly persuaded the answer is the latter.

What, now, follows from this?

If God is, then He holds the answers to all our queries, the one at the title of this essay not excepted.

What is the meaning of life? To love and be loved.

Happily, we are not left orphaned to grope and grasp for an answer. It lies pregnant, nucleic even, in an ancient three-word phrase, a phrase that, if true, is the most revealing, and thus the most determinative, truth of all. That phrase?

What else?

God …
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David Asscherick

Light Bearers

God Bless Africa

God Bless Africa!

July 5, 2013 | Bill Ross

Mungu ibariki Afrika!

[God Bless Africa!]

Here at Kibidula Farm in Tanzania, we were very happy to receive a container of Bible studies from Light Bearers in October of last year. Since then, we have been working hard to distribute them to the people. The Word of God is going out all over the country, from Arusha in the north to Mbeya in the south; from Dar es Salaam in the east, to Sumbawanga in the west. We are daily receiving phone calls from pastors, laymen, and missionaries requesting boxes. It is exciting! These Bible studies are truly a wonderful ministry. Just last week one of our leading evangelists told me how happy people are to know that these studies are available in Tanzania. Their influence is far reaching. In fact, there are several students attending our school of evangelism this semester who cite that their first contact with our precious message was through Light Bearers Bible studies. God is good! Seed is being sown!


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Bill Ross

Building & Maintenance
Kibidula Farm

ALIVE, July 2013

For Strength

July 3, 2013 | Risë Rafferty, RDN

Who would have watched food television programs 50 years ago? Would Americans have gravitated to Iron Chef America, watching Bobby Flay and Cat Cora hurriedly trounce around kitchens in an effort to out-impress gustatory judging? Would we have enjoyed watching Takeru “the Tsunami” Kobayashi eat 110 hot dogs without the buns in only 10 minutes in a competitive eating contest? These are a far cry from The French Chef, with Julia Child’s calm methodical demeanor that aired in 1963. The changing times and television programs simply reveal that we are into food, in a big way.

In the context of concerns regarding feeding the world, the following was penned in the weekly newspaper, The Economist. “The food industry has been attracting extra attention of other kinds. For years some of the most popular television programs in English-speaking countries have been cooking shows. That may point to a healthy interest in food, but then again it may not. The historian Livy thought the Roman Empire started to decay when cooks acquired …
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Risë Rafferty, RDN

Health Educator
Light Bearers

2013 CROSStraining Class

CROSStraining 2013

July 2, 2013 | David Asscherick

Short of making the sun stand still, it is no easy thing to make room for four months of instruction in just nine days. Nevertheless, we here at Light Bearers are trying anyway!

The ARISE Cornerstone program has, for the last decade, been a four-month endeavor. We have known from the beginning that many––most, in fact––people cannot attend a program of this length. And yet, there is something wonderful and intangible about “in person” instruction that videos, books, and audio recordings just cannot capture. So what to do?

Our answer has been the CROSStraining program . Typically lasting two or three weeks, our most recent permutation lasted just nine days. Only nine days? Yes, but with more than 50 hours of in-class instruction and training squished, squashed, and wedged in.

The program was 10+

From June 14 to 22, we saw students from all over the US converge here at the ARISE Campus in Jasper, OR. Would the program work? Could it be a success? Would the students be wiped out or still energized, wanting …
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David Asscherick

Light Bearers

Preach Like Dorcas

Preach Like Dorcas

July 1, 2013 | Jeffrey Rosario

From Joppa, a seaport town about 35 miles from Jerusalem, the world has been introduced to one of the giants of the Christian faith in the New Testament.

No, I’m not thinking of an eloquent preacher or evangelist, in the traditional sense of the word. But I’m definitely thinking of a preacher–evangelist.

Her name is Tabitha, or Dorcas (in the Greek version).

 Her skillful fingers were more active than her tongue.

Luke the historian has preserved her legacy in eight short verses found in Acts 9:36-43. Her story begins in tragedy:

“But it happened in those days that she became sick and died. When they had washed her, they laid her in an upper room” (Acts 9:37).

It was a devastating blow to the local church and the community. Luke tells us that she was “full of good works and charitable deeds” (v.36). This was her preaching ministry. She preached with her fingers! Ellen White describes how“…her life was filled with acts of kindness. She knew who needed comfortable clothing …
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Jeffrey Rosario

Light Bearers