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David Asscherick's Relocation to Australia

Regarding: David Asscherick’s Relocation to Australia

November 21, 2013 | Light Bearers

In 2013, Light Bearers launched ARISE Australia in partnership with the North New South Wales Conference (NNSW) and the Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist Church . The first program was a glowing success and 24 enthusiastic students graduated on May 10th. This superb start opened the door for a deepening of the partnership between Light Bearers, the NNSW Conference, and the Kingscliff Church.

While David is relocating to Australia to facilitate this opportunity, his role with Light Bearers will not change.

To strategically facilitate this partnership David has accepted the call to be the senior pastor of the Kingscliff Church. He will occupy this position while continuing in his current role with Light Bearers as a speaker, writer, and instructor for our ARISE programs. David will continue to teach the same classes he has taught for Light Bearers at our ARISE programs in the US, speak at our annual convocation , and continue with our new Table Talk television series, among other projects. In other words, while David is relocating to Australia to facilitate this opportunity, his role with Light Bearers will not change.

We are very …
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Amazing Things Happen

November 1, 2013 | Ty Gibson

The mission field is an exciting place to be. Special and unique experiences occur as human agents make themselves available as ambassadors for Christ. The truth of the gospel maneuvers its way into out-of-the-way places and reaches hearts in unexpected ways, and when it does, amazing things happen. Two frontline workers who know this are Whiteson Sichone and Givers Munkondya. These two brothers are part of a group called the ”pioneers,” named such by Riverside Farm, a missionary training institution in Zambia that utilizes Light Bearers’ literature for its aggressive outreach programs. Here are two stories brought to us from Whiteson and Givers.

“The Fake Convert” by Whiteson Sichone

Mr. Loti Mulenga is a very prominent Catholic leader. But he admired Seventh-day Adventist preachers for the way they could interpret the Bible. He approached one of our Bible pioneers and asked him how it would be possible for him to learn to preach like they do. The pioneer directed him to one of Riverside Farm’s Evangelism Schools in Isoka.

There …
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