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Doors Open in India

December 8, 2017 | Light Bearers

It was November of 2001—November 5 to be exact. Sixteen years ago!

That was the last time and the only other time that Light Bearers managed to get a container of gospel literature into India. Now God has again prevailed, this time through a group of super committed believers who went beyond the call of duty to make it happen. One man left his work and home for three weeks and basically camped out at the port of call to get this container full of gospel literature cleared. The custom officials brought up one issue after another, even complaining about the fact that we had sent them used Bibles instead of new ones. (Light Bearers ships donated Bibles that are still in good condition to supplement our literature, so please keep them coming.) Finally, after much prayer and work on the part of our brothers in India, the container was cleared and now the precious gospel literature is making its way into hearts and homes throughout this great country where …
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Light Bearers

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Trumping Fear

December 6, 2017 | Risë Rafferty, RDN

Grasping in the dark for my phone, my terrified mind sought to force my trembling fingers to dial 911. It took hours to calm my nerves even after the police arrived. Fear is not a foreign emotion. I have often felt fear in the form of butterflies and a pounding heart just before public speaking. I felt fear when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Standing in line to ride a roller coaster, a fearful dread has come over me. I was afraid as a child when my mother ran off in the dark parking lot of the LA fair, chasing two young men who had just stolen her purse. Fear comes in various shapes and sizes in response to real or imaginary situations, present and future events.

Sudden fear, like the fear I experienced while dialing 911, has the potential to cause one to freeze or jump over a six-foot fence. There are subacute, underlying, chronic fears that guide behaviors, generate insecurities, and influence our reactions to others. There …
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Risë Rafferty, RDN

Health Educator
Light Bearers

Infinite Empathy

December 4, 2017 | Ty Gibson

Emotions are a mysterious phenomenon. Think about it. A person’s smile has the power to make you feel something pleasant inside. A person’s tears can throw you into tears with them even before you know why they’re crying. The mere fact that another human being is happy or sad somehow impacts your own state of being. Emotions are invisible links of identification with the experiences of others.

How strange.

Or maybe not.

Actually, the fact that we are emotional beings tells us something astonishing and wonderful. We can reason it through like this: If God is love, and if love is the capacity to empathize with others, well then, we are most like God when we feel the feelings of others. It is also true, then, that we are least like God when we are insensitive to what others are experiencing.

At this time of year, we are thinking about the most astounding thing that has ever happened in all of universal history: God “became flesh, and dwelt among us” …
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Ty Gibson

Light Bearers