Land of Fire and Warm Hearts

March 2, 2018 | Ty Gibson

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had as an evangelist was in Malawi. I preached from a wooden platform constructed of an odd mixture of wood, sheet metal, bricks, and colorful cloth. Speakers were hung in trees. There were a few chairs, but most of the thousands of people in attendance stood or sat on the ground. Their faces—wide eyes, looking with intense interest—are forever imprinted on my memory.

After my first two nights of preaching, a group of brothers pulled me aside to share something with me. Their demeanor indicated that they were nervous and had something of a sensitive nature to say. I could never have guessed what they were going to tell me. “Pastor,” their chosen spokesperson said with humility and respect, “is it possible when you are preaching that you could sometimes jump, and also shout?” Caught off guard a little (or a lot), I fumbled in my response.

“Jump? You mean… like… jump… like… up off the platform?”

“Yes,” they instructed. “Just bend your …
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