It’s no secret that Pastor David Asscherick likes New Zealand! Well, he’s there again, this time preaching a full-length campaign in the largest city on the South Island, Christchurch. The meetings are themed “What Does the Future Hold?” and are built, in part, around the September 4th, 7.1 earthquake that shook the city both literally and spiritually. Hundreds of aftershocks, some as high as 5.3, have continued to keep the city on edge. An estimated $4 billion dollars (NZD) in damage has already been done. Everywhere one looks buildings are being propped up, repaired, or taken down. Truly this is a time when many here are asking, “What does the future hold?”

Pastor Asscherick’s meetings opened Tuesday, February 8 at the Aurora Center for the Performing Arts. An estimated 600 people attended the opening night session, which was divided into two parts. The first presentation centered on Daniel 2 and the second message on Daniel 9 and the 70-week prophecy. Both were well received. Things are off to a great start. Pastor Asscherick is requesting earnest prayer support for these meetings. “There is a significant and sad irony in the reality that Christchurch is one of the most secular cities in the world,” he observes. The meetings continue for four weeks at which point Daniel Pel, a traveling minister from New Zealand, will take the reigns. Also, two freshly-married ARISE students, Samuel Riemersma and Amber Morrill, both class of 2008, will be following up with a year of Biblework in the area! Talk about a honeymoon!

Please keep this effort in your prayers, not just for the next four weeks, but for the follow-up as well. That God, through this series, will make a profound and lasting impact on this special city, is our earnest aim and prayer. Thanks for partnering with ARISE and its efforts.