Daily Schedule

Every year we have an intense schedule—it’s the only way we can pack so much study into just four days. You can make the most of your experience by planning ahead. Use this schedule to help you figure out your day and when to fit in little things like sleep.

Tuesday, July 3 Event Presenter
6:45pm Session 01: Minor Prophets Introduction David Asscherick
Wednesday, July 4
8:45am Session 02: Hosea: Then Shall We Know James Rafferty
10:00am Session 03: Joel: Leave a Blessing Fred Bischoff
11:15am Session 04: Amos: Judgment Like a River Ty Gibson
2:30pm Publishing House Tour James Rafferty
3:30pm Session 05: Jonah: When Love Trumps Prophecy David Asscherick
7:00pm Session 06: Obadiah: As Though They Had Not Been Jeffrey Rosario
Thursday, July 5
8:45am Session 07: Micah 1-3: Is Not the Lord Among Us? Jeffrey Rosario
10:00am Session 08: Micah 4: The Former Dominion Shall Come Ty Gibson
11:15am Session 09: Micah 7: When I Fall James Rafferty
3:30pm Session 10: Nahum: Stronghold in the Day Fred Bischoff
7:00pm Health Talk Risë Rafferty
7:30pm Session 11: Micah 6:8: Do Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly Nathan Renner
Friday, July 6
8:45am Session 12: Habakkuk: The Faith of God David Asscherick
10:00am Session 13: Zephaniah 1&2: The Lord Will Do Good Fred Bischoff
11:15am Session 14: Zephaniah 3: When God Sings Nathan Renner
2:30pm Publishing House Tour Ty Gibson
3:30pm Session 15: Haggai:The Desire of Nations Jeffrey Rosario
7:00pm Health Talk Risë Rafferty
7:30pm Session 16: Zechariah 1-3: Dealing With Guilt James Rafferty
Sabbath, July 7
8:45am Session 17: Zechariah 4-6: The Counsel of Peace Nathan Renner
10:00am Session 18: Zechariah 7-14: What Are Those Wounds? Jeffrey Rosario
11:30am Session 19: Malachi 2: The Messenger of the Covenant David Asscherick
3:30pm Session 20: Malachi 3: Changeless Love James Rafferty
7:00pm Health Talk Risë Rafferty
7:30pm Session 21: Malachi 4: The Final Healing Ty Gibson

Events in red will be streamed live online.

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