Wolverhampton Calling

by Jeffrey Rosario  |  February 17, 2011

For several months now, the North England Conference had been planning a weekend retreat for young people in a beautiful country side location just over the border in Wales. The purpose was to present methods for in-depth Bible study and the impact that the Bible can have on our lives. The organizers monitored the slow applications for weeks and eventually realized that the youth were having difficulty with the related costs of the weekend. With the scheduled date quickly approaching, they had to think quick. Should they return to the drawing board? Should they cancel? Something had to be done. Refusing to cancel and accept defeat, they decided on a quick change of plans.

Instead of having the young people come out to Wales, they decided to bring it to them. The new  location was the city of Wolverhampton, just outside of Birmingham (2nd largest city in England after London). Down to just a few days before the weekend, they had just one shot to get the word out: FACEBOOK!

After hopeful prayers, the answer came with a full crowd in the sanctuary for the first session on Friday night. By Sabbath morning the Word got out and the extension in the Sanctuary was opened. The Spirit was present to teach and inspire young people to get serious about the Word. Several stood as they responded to the call to pursue training in order to minister in their local churches.

Praise God for last minute answers!

Jeffrey Rosario Speaker
Light Bearers
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