Let the REBELution Begin

by Jeffrey Rosario  |  February 21, 2011

Recently I stumbled across some disturbing statistics that confirmed a gnawing suspicion that had been brewing in my mind. I believe that my generation of Adventists is increasingly an endangered species:

There’s a 50 percent chance that a teenager who gets baptized in his or her mid-teens will leave the Adventist Church completely by the time he or she is 25.1

One in every five Adventist churches in North America doesn’t have a single child, teenager, or young adult. In fact, the median age in our churches is nearly 60—20 years older than the average American.2

According to a survey, seven in 10 youth (ages 18-30) who attended church regularly in high school reported that they stopped attending by age 23. Of that group, 34 percent said they never returned to church, even occasionally, by the age of 30. Translation: 1 in 4 protestant youth have left the church for good.3

Added to this, consider the results of various Barna Research Group polls showing that this generation of youth and young adults (including Adventists) reads the Bible less than previous generations. They spend less time in prayer and are less likely to attend church . . .

Read the entire article in the Adventist Review: Let the Rebelution Begin

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  3. LifeWay Research survey of 1,023 Protestants, conducted April-May 2007.
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