Light for A Dark Area

Light for a Dark Area

by Light Bearers  |  November 30, 2015

Oh, how sweet it was when the barge finally arrived bearing the precious Bible lessons from Light Bearers Ministry! It had been a long journey! Several months before, the container packed with Bible studies in French, Lingala and Swahili had left Jasper, Oregon. After crossing the ocean to Matadi port, the container had to be trucked 220 miles around unnavigable parts of the Congo River. Then, after unloading the Lingala Bible studies in Kinshasa, 600 more miles by barge were needed to reach Kisangani, the home of Congo Frontline Missions.

Congo Frontline Missions (CFM) is a supporting ministry started by Keith Mosier in 2008. It is located near Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a city of about one million in the heart of the Congo River Basin. This area is both unreached and remote, and today, CFM has the only foreign mission staff families within 300 miles. CFM’s focus has been to provide evangelism training for church planters at its training facility. In addition, CFM has a dental clinic, well-drilling ministry, publishing ministry, radio station, and agricultural training school.

They are hated and opposed by local witches who want to keep the people under their satanic control.

The seventy CFM church planters all started with basic tools for opening new work in remote areas. Each was given a bicycle, a Bible and other books, a picture roll, monthly stipend, and stacks of precious Bible studies in the local language. After moving their families to the target village (up to 250 miles away, and often very remote), they began to study the lessons with local residents. They are hated and opposed by local witches who want to keep the people under their satanic control. After a church planter has 15 believers in a village, CFM tries to send a team to do evangelism in the village and then baptize.

The Light Bearers lessons play a key role in this process.

The Light Bearers lessons play a key role in this process. Since Bibles are almost unheard of in these remote areas, each lesson asks spiritual questions and then quotes the scripture texts that answer the questions. In this way, the full set of lessons themselves become like the student’s own “Bible” until they receive a real Bible on the day of their baptism.

The lives of our church planters are very hard. Several have been poisoned (none died). They are often shunned by locals who fear the witches. Witches curse them and try to drive them away. Several have buried children due to disease. It takes some of them four days by bicycle over terrible roads to come to CFM and give their report. But they carry on for the love of Christ and He has blessed their efforts. Over 5,000 people have been baptized as a result of their work and the Bible lessons. Thank you so much to Light Bearers and their financial supporters for the commitment to getting the Light to such dark and remote areas of the world! Thank you for your prayers.

by Barry Mosier

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