Because Martin Luther decided to obey the dictates of his individual conscience, the entire course of history was charted in a new direction. Join Ty, David, Jeffrey, James, and Fred as they give careful study to the Protestant Reformation, its present implications, and why the Reformation must continue.

The set includes the following messages:

01—Sola Scriptura
02—Priesthood of All Believers
03—The End of the Law
04—The Principle of Reform
05—Sola Gratia
06—Back to Rome?
07—One Mediator
08—Religious Liberty
09—Sola Fide
10—Counter-Reformation Maneuvers
11—Solo Gracia and the Mark of the Beast
12—Justification By Faith
13—Solo Cristo
14—The Prophetic Trajectory of Reform
15—The Ecclesiastical Trajectory of Reform
16—The Doctrinal Trajectory of Reform
17—Soli Deo Gloria