2013 Yearend Report

In 2013, God’s grace and your generous support made it possible for literally millions of men and women around the world to encounter the Savior through the outreach of this ministry. We are so eager to ramp up our efforts in 2014 and make some major impact upon the church and the world. God has put it upon our hearts to preach the message of righteousness by faith, to exalt the faithfulness of God through the Messiah, to magnify the Creator’s selfless love for the human race as revealed at the cross—all this as the central feature of all Bible doctrine.

We so appreciate your financial support and the trust it indicates. You can be confident that your soul-winning dollars are being well spent and having maximum impact when you give to Light Bearers. As 2014 begins unfolding before us, we are gearing up for some serious action to advance God’s kingdom and deliver the gospel into many waiting hearts. Thank you for partnering with us.


Mark reports, “Jesus went about all the cities and villages… preaching the gospel of the kingdom.” By God’s grace, we are on a passionate quest to follow the Savior’s example. From the beginning, Light Bearers has been a preaching ministry.

In 2013 our speakers—James Rafferty, David Asscherick, Jeffrey Rosario and Ty Gibson—conducted numerous preaching events in various countries around the world, including Zambia, Angola, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Iceland, South Africa, Serbia, Romania, Australia, and throughout the United States. Venues included secular universities, camp meetings, conventions, revival meetings, youth events and local churches. Doors are flung open everywhere, and we’re running through them.

We are committed to preaching the full biblical message of doctrinal and prophetic truth in the illuminating light of God’s unmerited, non-condemning, justifying, pardoning, self-giving, other-centered, healing, empowering love—what the Bible calls the good news.


The printed page is powerful. Words of truth on paper bring down the kingdom of evil and liberate human hearts. In 2013 Light Bearers put into circulation about 22 million gospel publications.

Angola was one of the 9 countries to receive a shipment of literature this year. Over the course of 8 months, hundreds of frontline gospel workers utilized this material to engage many thousands of Angolans in systematic Bible study. Multiple evangelistic campaigns were held in conjunction with the literature distribution, culminating with meetings in September at two stadiums, drawing about 60,000 people. Over 23,000 precious souls have been baptized so far from this synergistic fusion of literature distribution and preaching.

Due to the overwhelming success of this outreach we were asked to send another container of literature to Angola for follow-up. Your financial support allowed us to respond immediately with another shipment in October.


Publishing is important, and so is teaching. In fact, teaching is the vital element in the great commission. Jesus said, “Go and make disciples, teaching them…” At Light Bearers we have the privilege of running a discipleship school called ARISE. Our courses are designed to saturate our student’s hearts with the beauty of the gospel and to equip them to share it with others.

We run two three-and-a-half month programs each year, one at our home base in Oregon and the other in Australia at our satellite location. Students come from all over the world—Austria, France, England, Mexico, Venezuela, Norway, Portugal, South Korea and Canada, to name a few. Earlier this year, on May 18, we graduated our first Australian class, and on December 14, at our US school, we’ll be graduating our 12th class of on fire witnesses for Jesus.

Throughout the last decade, we’ve had the privilege of graduating over 500 students that have attended our programs.


In 2013 we launched a new video series called Table Talk: A Light Bearers Conversation. And it’s exactly that, a conversation with four guys sitting around the table with their Bibles open talking about the most important and sublime subjects human beings can contemplate. The response has been enthusiastic:

Thank you so much for giving us this raw, yet warm, environment to learn about God!

The four-way conversation ministers to me in a new way. Very thought provoking.

This has become my favorite show! It has elevated my spiritual life.

Very objective and just straight from the heart and from the Word of God.

Table Talk airs on 3ABN several times throughout the week. You can also get the entire set on DVD, along with many other spiritually enriching resources, here.

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