“Many whom God has qualified to do excellent work accomplish very little, because they attempt little. Thousands pass through life as if they had no definite object for which to live, no standard to reach. Such will obtain a reward proportionate to their works” (Ellen White, Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 331).

A man by the name of Master Makore worked for a major bank in Harare, Zimbabwe. Someone gave him three Light Bearers Bible lessons to read, which changed his life. He soon felt a deep conviction to share this newfound truth with his colleagues during his lunch breaks. So Master’s co-workers would sit under a big tree as he taught them from the three Bible lessons he had, which covered the state of the dead, the Second Coming, and the health message. He had so familiarized himself with the topics that he could answer the questions that naturally arose.

During one of the lunch hour discussions, two men came to interrupt the conversation. They told Master that he should stop using the Bible lessons because they were not the truth. Because he’d only recently been exposed to these new teachings, Master wondered if these men were correct. After they had gone, Master asked his audience if they had seen the two men. They said, “No, we did not see any men.” He wondered if maybe the men had been angels who came to warn him.

He wondered if maybe the men had been angels who came to warn him.

That night though, he had a dream in which he was entering a sanctuary in heaven. The person ministering in the sanctuary turned and told Master not to stop using the Bible lessons and explained that He would give Master an open door to use these lessons. Master realized that God had plans for him. He realized that the two men who told him not to use the Bible lessons must have been evil angels trying to stop him from doing God’s work.

Finally, in 1999, Master left banking and decided to work for the Lord full time. One of his skills as a banker was to write proposals. After he left banking, he continued to use this skill but for the Lord. Master went to the government’s Ministry of Education with a proposal. The approach of Master makes me think of Jesus’ words, “Be ye as wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16). His proposal offered to teach ten skills to primary and secondary students, including HIV education and health training, and his proposal indicated that the course he was offering would not be complete without the students going through a series of Bible studies. He told the government officials that the lessons would improve morality in the schools and improve the grades of the students. These Bible lessons, he said, were the secret to the success of his whole program.

The Ministry of Education approved the proposal, but only as a trial. He was given just one school, which had the worst morality and academic performance. He eagerly enrolled the students in the Bible study course. Master had absolute faith in God’s Word to transform the students. At the end of the year, the results were remarkable enough for the government to give him an additional five schools to further test his approach. God is faithful. The Bible study program did, indeed, improve morality and brain power among the students, and more schools were given to Master.

The Bible study program did, indeed, improve morality and brain power among the students…

In 2006, Master moved to Botswana, believing God would give similar success there. He followed the same procedure of writing a proposal to the Ministry of Education. His proposal was approved and God has given him at present open doors to all the schools in Botswana. What a blessing!

Master has refined his program and has included a series of Bible lessons from the General Conference Children’s Department called, God Loves Me 28 Ways. With astounding results, he uses these lessons for the primary schools and the study guides from Light Bearers for the secondary schools. His ministry under the government is called Home Health Education Services Support. The government now sponsors Master’s program.

God gives us opportunity to share His Word. The question is, do we see those opportunities?

Meiring Pretorius
Publishing Correspondent at Light Bearers

Meiring works on the ground where Light Bearers literature is sent and writes regular reports on the progress of the literature work in these areas.