Winnie is a changed woman. Her life was on the path of destruction, which, in turn, was destroying many others’ lives. But Jesus has changed the trajectory of her life completely and forever.

Winnie was born in a family of five children. After high school, she enrolled in a college business degree course. It was during this time in college that Winnie met a lady named Meda, who was a recruiting agent for prostitutes. Meda wanted to train Winnie to be an agent too. A new world was opened before Winnie, a world of meeting powerful people from all walks of life. After getting her degree, Winnie realized she was terrible at communicating with potential international clients so she enrolled at the British Council for English lessons, then acquired a passport and began roving the world with Meda.

Twenty years passed. Winnie rose in rank to become one of the well-established agents managing 20 to 40 ladies. She had elite clients from all over the world and was at the top of her dark ascent, and content with life.

Winnie wondered what kind of Christ would destroy peoples’ established businesses?

Things started changing though when she met evangelist, Peter Daudi. She didn’t want anything to do with the information he gave her, because two of her best ladies, Nelly and Ruth, who brought in a lot of money, had become zealous Christians and stopped their trade in prostitution. Winnie wondered what kind of Christ would destroy peoples’ established businesses? Twice, she burned the Light Bearers Bible lessons and on a third occasion, she tossed them into the ocean.

Eventually, things in her life began falling apart. She was assaulted by three strangers, and shortly after that, she was assaulted again. This time by a trusted client. Days later, being angry and frustrated, she remembered the Bible lessons she destroyed. She contacted the evangelist for another set, which were duly delivered, and she began reading the lessons, one after another. She concluded there was nothing special in them and continued her life of prostitution. Then, an avalanche of troubles came, leaving her defeated and helpless. Winnie remembered the Bible lessons and reread them, but more seriously this time. She learned about Rahab in Jericho and wanted more answers. The evangelist was ever near to help and guide. Winnie was fascinated to learn of another harlot, a Samaritan woman, drawing water at a well.

One day in their discussion, the evangelist, Peter, left her with one simple question: Don’t you dream of having your own family one day, with kids and a husband, living peacefully without the chaos of this life of prostitution? Without waiting for an answer, he left. Winnie and Peter would see each other a few more times as he was busy ministering to the other ladies, but their meetings ultimately faded away and they lost contact.

Winnie remembered the Bible lessons and reread them, but more seriously this time.

But God was working on Winnie. She often thought seriously about Peter’s question, especially whenever she ran into trouble with her customers or authorities. Debt and other business-related challenges were proving to be too much for her. She thought about her options. She also remembered the words of John 3:16.

Winnie finally came to terms with her situation and wanted to quit the business but didn’t know how. She was miserable, confused, and did not know Peter’s number. She believed he was the one person who would be able to help her out of the entanglement of prostitution. She had a set of Bible lessons and started reading them again but was still struggling to leave the trade. She knew she needed help, and fast.

God’s timing is perfect. Peter visited in her area again, and when Winnie saw him, she ran to meet him. She couldn’t wait to tell him everything. Sitting in a restaurant the next day, Winnie told him her struggles, and how she read all the lesson material over and over, making the decision to quit.

Peter jumped into action to help Winnie. The strategy was to get Winnie out of the neighborhood and change her phone numbers, so her old connections couldn’t contact her. She had to stay out of temptation’s way.

After many efforts, Peter managed to secure a new place for Winnie to live and start life afresh as a new creature in Christ Jesus. Today, Winnie attends church every Sabbath. Much is still being done to help her, and soon she will be baptized!

Meiring Pretorius
Publishing Correspondent at Light Bearers

Meiring works on the ground where Light Bearers literature is sent and writes regular reports on the progress of the literature work in these areas.