I saw Jesus Wednesday morning, the week before last. He was sitting quietly at the same breakfast table with a few others, little Riley, and myself. When Riley indicated that he wanted more avocado (of which there was a limited supply), He, without hesitation, willingly surrendered his own. For a moment, it looked like Tim Saunders, but it was Jesus—I knew by that one simple, selfless act of giving.

I saw Jesus Friday, a week ago, at morning worship. He singled me out when we broke up into prayer pairs, and He prayed one of the most beautiful prayers for my needs that day. That same morning He went on to lead out in the devotional thought, and I sat in awe of how plainly He taught us from the book of Hebrews. For just a moment, I thought it was Tarenne Greenwood, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His beautiful spirit.

I saw Jesus about four weeks ago, as I was winding down for the night. He was sitting under the night sky, outside Cabin number one, just opposite my cabin, playing softly on His guitar. For a minute, He looked like Stephen Macomber, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His love of solitude and of beautiful music.

I saw Jesus moving around in the kitchen, the dining room, the common room, the worship room, the classroom. He was always singing wherever He went, sometimes in tune, and sometimes not, just smiling whenever someone got the giggles, but always still singing. For a moment it sounded like Stanley Nelson, but it was Jesus—I could tell by the way He loved to make us smile.

I saw Jesus every night before and after the prophecy seminar. He would faithfully come and help setup, and then quietly slip out to go pick up a lady from the community who didn’t have a ride. Every night He would take her home again afterwards. I swear He looked like Rochelle Gilroy, but it was Jesus, I could tell by His willingness to go the extra mile for that someone who needed it.

I saw Jesus walking the streets in South Tweed Heads. He was walking beside me, sometimes doing great, and sometimes wrestling with pain. He was always keen to keep knocking on doors, in hope that together we’d find that one person who was ready for the gospel. I would catch myself glancing back and forth in his direction as I was sure it was Nathan Brossmann, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His determination to find that one lost sheep.

I saw Jesus the first day I got here, and have seen Him pretty much every day since.

I saw Jesus right throughout the entire course. Whatever duty He was assigned, be it with His duty group or at the prophecy seminar, He was always on time, and was always able to motivate others to get busy and help where needed. Each time, I was confident I was looking at Nardia Booth, but it was Jesus—I knew it by His amazingly beautiful work ethic.

I saw Jesus when the Asscherick family was with us. He was running around before and after lunch, kicking a football with Landon and Jabel, ensuring that they too had a good time here. For a moment He looked like Morgan Vincent, but it was Jesus—I could tell by the way the kids were so drawn to Him.

I saw Jesus often quietly sitting in our common room. He didn’t get into any big, loud discussions. He would slip in quietly, and sit and read or listen to others, offering His own words when they were needed, but always with a pleasant look on His countenance. At times I would take a second glance because He really did resemble Megan Johnson, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His sweet demeanor.

I saw Jesus the Monday evening before last. He asked me if I would like to accompany Him on a grocery buy—up for a single mum and her four children in need of food. He didn’t show any judgment of her situation. He was simply eager to help. He could have gone alone, but invited me to be a part of the experience. If I think about it long enough, I’d want to say it was Kylie Carlsen, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His care and concern for the welfare of others.

I saw Jesus at 5:30 on most mornings. He would meet me outside my cabin (even when it was cold and dark) to accompany me on my morning exercise routine so I didn’t have to go alone. For a little bit there, He looked so much like Kirsten Hughes, but it was Jesus—it was obvious by the way He always thanked me for my company when we were done.

I saw Jesus every day; mostly He would sit beside me at morning worship. He could never be heard speaking negatively about anyone or anything. He had the ability to lift others up and build them up, rather than tear down. He was a quiet achiever, but always helpful. Every day I had to check myself, as I was sure it was my best friend, Joe Tyler, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His sensitivity and humility.

I saw Jesus Sabbath afternoon, the 23rd of March. He was in the water by the Kingscliff boat ramp. He reminded us of the beautiful meaning of baptism, as He demonstrated His love for His heavenly Father.  For just a minute, He looked like Jamin Binning, but it was Jesus—I could tell by the beaming smile on His wet face as He emerged from the water.

I saw Jesus in our classroom a couple of weeks ago. He was squatting down beside Nathan in one of our class breaks, checking to see how his foot was, and praying for him. He would regularly ask each of us how we were doing and He always had a smile on His face, despite the massive hardships we learned He’d undergone in His life. I often had to look twice, as He looked so much like Ferna McKerchar, but it was Jesus——I could tell by His love and interest in the concerns of others.

I saw Jesus sitting beside me as I lead out in my first Bible study in the community. He didn’t interject, or correct me. He just lovingly added comments where needed, and really connected beautifully with the man we were studying with. For a moment, He looked so much like Esther Lee, but it was Jesus—I just knew it by His ability to identify with the needs of those around Him.

I saw Jesus in class two weeks ago. He seemed to be the first to jump up and run to the aid of one of our class members who had collapsed at the back of the room. At first glance it really looked like Erin Haupt, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His immediate response to what appeared to be an emergency.

I saw Jesus in the first couple of weeks of the course. He ended up in a group with two others and myself, as we were assigned various Bible passages to look deeply into and bring back the “what, so what, and now what?” morals to each story. For a moment it looked like Duane Suffolk, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His diligence in getting to the bottom of the true meaning of the Scriptures.

I saw Jesus on so many Thursdays. While I was all distracted sitting at the dining tables talking, He was in the kitchen, packaging up leftover lunch stuffs for me, so that I would have food to eat over the weekend. If you had have asked me who He looked like, I would have said it was my roommate Danielle Casseus, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His care and thoughtfulness towards me.

I saw Jesus on several Sabbath mornings, singing in front of the church, leading us in praise to His heavenly Father, and beaming as He did so. For a moment it sounded like Daniel Laredo, but it was Jesus—I could tell by the rich tone of His voice, and the very real connection He had with the words He was singing.

I saw Jesus regularly in the common room and the church office. He was always ready to help us learn how to use the new online Disciples program, or to fix any Wi—Fi problems we may have been encountering, or to print anything we needed printing, taking time to help us when He could have been going over Bible verses for upcoming tests. He said His name was Damien Lockley, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His servant heart.

I saw Jesus on the night of Neville Peter / Naomi Streimer concert. He agreed to hold me in prayer when I unexpectedly found out I was to be doing a duet, one that I hadn’t sung in a couple of years! I was so sure I was sitting beside my nephew Braedan Entermann, but it was Jesus—I could tell by the sincerity with which He agreed to hold me in prayer before His Father.

ARISE Australia Class

I saw Jesus in the kitchen consistently during the last four weeks. He was helping to clean up even when it wasn’t His turn, lending a hand to the duty groups on roster. He would regularly put His hand up for ANY job needing to be done. You really could have fooled me into thinking it was Blake Powell, but it was Jesus—I could tell by the joy with which He helped everyone around Him.

I saw Jesus at the prophecy seminar. For almost all of the sessions He was leading out in the kids’ program, missing out on all the excitement in the main meeting. I know He would have loved to be in the seminar, but He faithfully served the children, and would often leave our social gatherings on a Sabbath afternoon in order to prepare the programming; something I know He felt torn between. For just a minute, He looked every bit like Amie Regester, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His “not my will, but Thine” attitude to the task.

I saw Jesus the first day I got here, and have seen Him pretty much every day since. He has been the backbone of this whole operation. Every week He ensured we all had somewhere to eat on the upcoming Sabbath, and any need we had, He endeavored to meet. He really did so much more than we will EVER know to see this course run so smoothly. Time and again, I was confident that this was actually David North, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His diligence and willingness to go above and beyond with the job He had undertaken.

I saw Jesus when we first started learning about how to conduct door—to—door outreach. He was there for us throughout the whole course, sharing story after story from the Bible, as well as from His own experience, about how to reach people for the Kingdom, praying with us, getting us singing right before we’d head out so that we were heading out in the right frame of mind. You could have almost fooled me into thinking it was Ashley Smith, but it was Jesus—I could tell by His love for us, and for the people we were connecting with behind the doors.

I saw Jesus in the kitchen. He practically lived there for the last three months. He would arrive on campus at 5:30 a.m., and would still be there well into the afternoon. He lovingly and diligently made THE most beautiful vegan meals I have ever tasted at any camp meeting, any convention, any retreat, or any conference world over!!! He was introduced to us as Anna Marshall, but it was Jesus—I could tell by the humility with which He received all the well—deserved praise and compliments.

I’ve seen Jesus everywhere throughout this three month course, teaching our various classes, picking up after us, keeping the grounds mowed and beautiful, helping other duty groups, leading our morning worships, driving those who needed lifts anywhere, doing our laundry, sharing His weekend food… and for just a minute, I would think He’s someone I knew, but it was always Jesus—I could just tell by the love in His eyes, the way He served, and the sense of belonging I felt whenever He was around.

Thank you ARISE class and staff of 2013 for being the hands and feet of Jesus. I am blessed to have known you each.

Sandra Entermenn