As a direct result of attending the ARISE Bible Boot Camp at Kingscliff Church, six young adults from Ipswich Church recently took up the challenge to run their very own Bible Boot Camp for their local congregation.

Joe Tyler, Alo Talafua, Sasha Shofay, Vanessa Woodman, Nina Ngau and Sandra Entermann all maintain, “None of us went in confidently. We all knew we were up for a big challenge, but we had each other, we had our notes, and we had Jesus”.

Despite a massive storm raging around him–having just been hit with the news that his mother has only months to live–novice presenter, Alo, took up the challenge of delivering the opening session, The Word of God & Daniel 2. When questioned at the end if he had been nervous, he admitted that yes he was, but quoted David Asscherick, saying, “when you kneel before God you can stand before kings”.

The youngest of the presenters, Vanessa, put her hand up to present the controversial topic The Antichrist. She said “it was quite challenging, yet rewarding, to reveal how the Bible interprets itself.”

When you kneel before God you can stand before kings.

Recently baptized Nina and Joe, along with Sasha and Sandra explored the topics The Great Controversy, Salvation, The Law of God & Work of the Spirit, and The Sanctuary.

Among local church members who attended the six-part weekend series, the group found themselves teaching a number of others who are not Seventh-day Adventists, but who, through word of mouth, had heard of the Bible Boot Camp, and wanted to come and learn.

“It was so exciting to realize God was involving us in direct evangelism right then and there, when we thought we’d simply be instructing our own fellow church members on how to give a Bible study.”

This is just the beginning of more Bible Boot Camp weekends at Ipswich. The young adults involved are thrilled to be a part of finishing the work that the church is called to do.

Sandra Entermann is a member of the Ipswich Adventist Church. She is also a singer/recording artist that has appeared on 3ABN and The Hope Channel.

Sandra Entermenn