Community Guidelines

Dialogue and discussion are a good thing. We learn, express ourselves and connect—sometimes across the world—and you're welcome to do so here, respectfully and in a kind spirit. Here are three simple guidelines to follow when commenting on Light Bearers websites or social media platforms:

Be Constructive

If you agree, say more than just “I agree.” Tell us why you agree or what resonated with you. Do you disagree? Explain why. Comments should contain original thought (more than just a quote) and stay on the subject of the original post. Posting the same comment on multiple conversation threads is unnecessary.

Be Respectful

Cultivate a respectful tone, especially toward those with whom you disagree. Respectful, constructive comments are approved regardless of whether moderators agree. Please be concise—comments are for conversation, not monologues. Comments that misrepresent Light Bearers or its staff will be removed.

Be Sensible

While we encourage you to use your real name, please do not share any personally identifiable information (contact information, location, etc.) about yourself or others. Because not everything you find on the internet is true, please do not post links in comments.

Comments that violate these principles may be removed. Persistent disregard for these guidelines may result in being banned from our platform(s). We do not respond to inquiries about these actions.