Light Bearers Convocation - Exodus

Unlock the freedom God has given you

July 5-9, 2022    •••    Collegedale, TN

I Want Freedom ➞

You cannot free yourself

Exodus is about more than just Israel's deliverance from Egyptian captivity. After crossing the Red Sea, Israel still had to undergo a process of internal, spiritual liberation. And much like their deliverance from Egypt, this was not something they could achieve themselves.

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Life can be so much more

Freedom is scary though, because we have to leave behind what’s familiar—identities, ways of thinking, ways of coping. But if we don’t step into the unknown, we bypass growth, meaning, joy, and fulfillment we couldn’t otherwise experience.

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The promised land is waiting

When we take God up on His offer of deliverance, we begin to follow Him because we want to, not because we are afraid or obligated. We live from a place of abundance, not scarcity, from a place of peace, not anxiety. We see others as teammates rather than obstacles or tools. It’s the land of milk and honey, and God wants to take you there.

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Here's what to expect

Join us for an eye-opening Bible study experience. Over the course of five days, you’ll dive deep into the book of Exodus, discover the freedom God has already given you, and build community with like-minded believers.

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Don't take our word for it

Since 1987, lives around the world have been transformed by Light Bearers Bible study events just like this one. Here's what they say:

  • “I have had some very hard times, but through the power of Christ I've discovered through Light Bearers, I am no longer a slave.”
  • “Things I've always believed are being confirmed by new and freeing things I learn from Light Bearers, and they leave me overwhelmed and amazed.”
  • “I have a renewed understanding of God’s character which has led me closer to Him than ever before!”

This is personal

This topic is not mere philosophy or fanciful theories. Ty, David, Jeffrey and Silvia have experienced what you're about to learn, and they use this experience to help you unlock this same life-transformation.

Ty Gibson
David Asscherick
Jeffrey Rosario
Silvia Bacchiocchi

You have nothing to lose

July 5-9, 2022   (Daily schedule)

Collegedale Commons
4950 Swinyar Dr
Collegedale, TN 37363

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What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Register now to take the first steps toward experiencing the freedom God is offering you.

  • Will there be camping?

    We no longer have camping space available at the venue. If you're bringing your RV, you can find local campsites here. If you'd prefer to stay in a hotel, you can find a list of local hotels here.

  • Will there be anything for kids?

    Your children are welcome, but there will be no children's programming.

  • Will meals be provided?

    There will be a free vegetarian lunch provided on Saturday. We are unable to accommodate special dietary needs, so please plan ahead accordingly.

  • Can I watch sessions I missed?

    Yes! All sessions are streamed online, so if you can't be here in-person, you can watch from wherever you are. The recordings are also saved online and can be watched at any time right here.