A rare synthesis of heart and smart, An Endless Falling in Love is an emotional and intellectual journey of provocative beauty. In these pages you will encounter God as a real person, a person of infinite love and passionate sensitivity. Chapter by chapter, you will feel as though someone has taken you by the hand and escorted you into the divine heart. Once there, you will be convinced that you are the special object of His love.

Key Bible truths, often held as dry creedal facts, are here presented as vital insights into the character of God. The Trinity is revealed as the foundational reality of the universe, God as both Self and Other, existing in relational, other-centered love. Creation is then explored as the natural expression of God’s desire to reproduce in His image, so that others might know the joy of His love.

Eternal Life is shown to be a quality of life that derives its meaning from experiential intimacy with God. The Fall, the Incarnation, the Cross, and other crucial truths are all set forth against the backdrop of an eternal love relationship with God.