When ARISE confirmed that we would be doing a two-week Bible Boot Camp in Australia, we knew that the Lord would have great things in store. However, God has done above and beyond anything we could have ever expected. We had no idea how many people would sign up for the program. We would have been thrilled with 50. At the beginning of March registration surpassed 100. On opening day of the program, 241 eager attendees arrived at the Kingscliff SDA Church for 15 days of intense instruction on how to give a Bible study on the fundamental doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Roughly half are Kingscliff members with the other half from all over Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. The attendees are excited and ready to dig into the Word.

Bible Boot Camp is being held in the evenings and weekends to make it accessible to as many people as possible. The instructors are David Asscherick, Matt Parra, and Jeffrey Rosario. David kicked off the program with the Word of God study. On the first Sabbath, the church was bursting at the seams with over 1100 in attendance in a church that will typically have 230 on any given Saturday. Visitors came from far and wide to get a glimpse of what was happening at Kingscliff. It was definitely a high Sabbath filled with singing, testimonies, a Gospel sermon, 16 decisions for baptism, and a concert by Josh and Jackie Cunningham. Not to mention, 5 hours of Bible Boot Camp classes.

Working with the saints at Kingscliff has been a tremendous blessing. Their hard work, organization, sacrifice, and commitment is inspiring. This is in addition to their gracious hospitality, warmth, and sincerity. The church has already asked us to come back again next year and they are making it very hard to say no.

We are currently at the midway point with Jeffrey teaching his classes and in a few days Matt will grab the baton and finish out the program.

We thank the Lord for how much He has already done so far and we are praying that the Holy Spirit continues to bless our program as we train effective soulwinner for Christ here in Australia. Be sure to check back in soon for a full review of the program.

Light Bearers

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