As told by Pastor Protus Makimu

The Magomeni Church in Tanzania has been richly blessed by the continued donations of literature from Light Bearers. We’ve distributed tracts to people all over Tanzania. Magomeni Church members are humbled by the opportunity to take the gospel to their country through the truth-filled material. Circulation of the literature has involved the entire church. We’ve also involved other churches in Dar es Salaam, as well as various groups, such as the Association of Tanzania Adventist Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Indeed, Light Bearers has a part in evangelizing the city of Dar es Salaam and Tanzania at large. I have no better words than just to say thank you!

The literature from Light Bearers is leading souls to Christ in the most convincing manner. All the material received, in English and Kiswahili, has provided us with a rare opportunity to evangelize and share God’s love to the Tanzanian population and churches at such a time as this. We believe that one of the most appropriate and cost-effective ways of spreading the gospel is through truth-filled literature. 

The literature from Light Bearers is leading souls to Christ in the most convincing manner.

By receiving evangelistic material, many people are gladly accepting Jesus as their Savior and Lord. The literature from Light Bearers has revolutionized and energized the everlasting gospel for this end-time generation in Tanzania.

Magomeni Seventh-Day Adventist Church was the first church in the city of Dar es Salaam. It was established in the early 1960s. The congregation was organized after a month of evangelistic efforts brought eleven souls to Christ. Since its organization, the church has continued to carry out evangelistic campaigns. As a result, the gospel has spread across the city, and several churches and Sabbath Schools have been established into full churches within the city and the neighboring areas. 

House-to-house and individual evangelism have been some of the most effective strategies that were used during the Total Member Involvement crusades. At the last crusade, before the global pandemic, 105,000 souls accepted Christ and were baptized. This was a blessing to the church. Church members have continued to be inspired by Luke’s words in Acts 5:42: “Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah” (NIV). 

Believing that evangelism is one of the most effective ways to bring souls to Christ, Magomeni Church has continued to organize several campaigns through its various departments. We feel literature is a critical factor to the campaigns. The literature has also been extensively used in institutions of learning, including public universities.

…before the global pandemic, 105,000 souls accepted Christ and were baptized.

Every quarter, the Sabbath School department organizes a visitors’ Sabbath, where members are encouraged to bring guests. During such Sabbaths, the department has been distributing the Bible study lessons. In addition, the publishing department of the church has also organized the distribution of literature to individuals who pass by the church grounds.

Through the Sabbath School classes, all members brought to their workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, or institutions different sets of literature, such as Steps to Christ and Discover Bible study guides. In addition, they invited friends and relatives for Bible study. Church members similarly set aside Bible study times with friends, colleagues, and those who visit the Magomeni Church on Sabbath.

The prison ministry of Magomeni Church has taken root, and large numbers of inmates are being baptized into the church after studying Light Bearers’ materials. Many inmates, after finishing their imprisonment, have come out changed. “I want to be an evangelist,” one prisoner recently stated, after a visit by the prison ministry department. This prisoner has asked Magomeni Church to sponsor him so he can take courses in evangelism once his jail term comes to an end. A warden of another prison recently observed, “The prison enjoys quietness due to the service that you have been offering, we are very thankful to you and your church.” Surely one can never look at the jails the same way again when the inmates receive Christ. The intended rehabilitation is faster and smoother. Light Bearers’ literature has changed lives. In one prison, one warden has observed that almost the whole prison population have become Sabbath keepers. Those who have been reached are uplifted to Christ. The joy with which they receive the literature attests to the need for more.

If every Dar es Salaam resident is to receive the gospel, there is need for more than five million pieces of literature to evangelize the city effectively.

The Magomeni Church will continue to distribute literature to churches and groups, as well as individuals who will participate in the distribution. Light Bearers Ministry is, for us, a providential gift as we face the God-given challenge of bringing the everlasting gospel to this end-time generation. We at Magomeni are committed to fulfilling this mission.

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