The Greeks in John 12 had it right. “Sir,” they said to Phillip, “we would see Jesus.” No request, no inquiry is greater than this. To see Jesus, to make His acquaintance, is life’s highest purpose and grandest joy. Today, in 2012, there is no better place to meet Jesus than in the pages of John’s Gospel. That’s why this year at our annual Light Bearers’ convocation we’re going to study through the entire book of John. Every speaker. Every sermon. Every lesson. We’ll have but one request of the Spirit, a request both ancient and modern: We would see Jesus.

Won’t you join us here in Jasper, Oregon for Light Bearer’s 28th Annual Convocation from July 3-7? We’d love to have you. Please, come study the book of John with us. We’ve got an excellent group of speakers, beautiful grounds and plenty of room for you and your family. What better way is there to spend the July 4th weekend? We sure can’t think of one!

Guest speakers include Nathan Renner and Dr. Jay Sutliffe